I think for contradictory beliefs, people inherently believe what they're told, and they don't internalise and try to understand what these ideas are. It couldn't have been longer than a 4 year gap between the feminist ideology saying "pink things and baby dolls are not inherently female" before it transformed inside out into "if you're a boy that plays with pink things and baby dolls, you must be a girl in a boys body." It's a bizarre double reversal, and it's impossible to find mainstream discourse asking those questions.

Regular people can't be expected to understand the philosophical contradictions they're being asked to believe each day. Not only this but they might not understand that they're getting a psychopathic socialist interpretation of the world form the figure they trust on TV.

Put in a pejorative manner; normies might have a bit too much trust for the rental expert on the idiot box in the corner telling them what to believe.

Great work as always Freya you are doing Gods work. I'm trying not to write a whole article comment.

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“It amplifies the people who are really wounded.”

100% YES!!! I grew up too online and my struggles with my body and identity and gender roles and socializing. It led me to terrible places as I sought the natural total conclusion of such ideas as delusional as they were.

It wasn’t until I began getting my mental health tended to with by my own volition with a properly sane team that I began to leave it all behind and find my way to the semblance of sanity I’ve mustered and managed to keep.

But many won’t get as lucky as I have. What will come? Some parents seem to be aware enough to do what’s better for their kids but those without such family structures? I’m not sure how much worse things will get before they finally improve.

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Good interview Freya, introverts for the win, hope you don't mind me saying you're very cute.

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Oct 21, 2023Liked by Freya India

Well done

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When I think about the concept of toxic masculinity and the modern infatuation with it, I inevitably come back to the idea of freedom. There's a misunderstanding circulating that freedom is about doing whatever one wants without any limits. This narrow view of freedom clashes with a more enriching understanding where forgiveness and accepting certain healthy boundaries play a big part.

In the modern narrative, freedom is often portrayed as having endless choices in all areas of life - political, economic, or personal. However, this overlooks the complex nature of both social and physical reality, veering towards an Idealistic view of the world that oversimplifies the human experience.

Now, let's bring in the concept of chivalry, which historically has been a social code that, among other things, often benefits the lower class, both economically and socially. Chivalry, with its emphasis on respect, protection, and courtesy, provides a framework that, contrary to limiting us, helps in navigating the complexities of social interactions. It serves as a guide, much like the outlines in a coloring book, helping create a harmonious picture even if the artist is themselves has no artistic talent .

Toxic masculinity, on the other hand, seems to discard these time-tested social codes and hands us a blank sheet, promoting a form of absolute freedom. This form of freedom, devoid of guidelines or a sense of responsibility towards others, encourages behaviours that are harmful to both individuals and the community. Which often shows up as aggressive or domineering behavior, seen as empowering or strong in our modern society.

This misinterpretation of empowerment stemming from modern conceptions of gender veers away from the idea of shared growth, understanding, and the profound sense of freedom embedded in forgiveness. Instead, it inevitably leads to vilification, as this view of freedom is dependent on the opposition of constraint it creates a divide rather than fostering understanding and inclusivity.

I think that, Until we re-embrace a holistic view of freedom, one rooted in forgiveness rather than vilification, and acknowledge the value inherent in time-tested social codes like chivalry, we are likely to remain ensnared in many of the modern pre-suppositions that underpin the discord in contemporary social dynamics.

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THANK YOU I’ve been waiting for someone to call this out (and readying my own words to do so). There are US sitcoms that promote the most toxic emotionally abusive traits as “funny” or even “endearing” because it’s a woman displaying them rather than a man. It trips me out that if they just switched the dialogue everyone would see the flags as RED.

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We allow our youths minds to be poisoned by the likes of TikToc and gender studies in colleges. Then we wonder why the suicide rate is so high for young people and our country is dysfunctional. Sadly, we are fools who are letting our wonderful country slip thru our fingers. If the generations that proceeded us could see what we have allowed to happen they be appalled & greatly saddened.

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