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So great! Keep up the good work

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Fun video! Honestly, I think the whole "modern dating is broken" thing is overblown. Relationships do require investment, but there's no point in wasting effort on a meaningless or undesirable one. Maybe young people just aren't ready to make that kind of commitment yet.

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Great thoughts from these young people!

What forest they may be having trouble seeing the size of, due to their being in the trees, is that what's unique about their generation's experiences of relationships, which feed into their expectations and skills regarding dating and romance, isn't dating apps or ghosting, it's how much less of it all is happening in person. A huge chunk of all of their friendships are conducted virtually. They're not developing the IRL skills, comfort and affinities as strongly.

It's going to be worse for their Covid cohort than the older and newer ones that won't have gone through it during such socially formative times.

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So difficult 🤣

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Oh geez I wonder why. Could it be because:

- Women see 80% of men as "below average"

- 80% of dating app users are men - women aren't even showing up to try

- Women get hundreds to thousands of matches with no effect

- The majority of women want a 6'+ white rich buff handsome guy and think other men are beneath them

- When you have the majority of women prostrating themselves for a small minority of men you get harems

- When women can replace men instantly they treat men like disposable objects

Tell me where I got it wrong.

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this is so great Freya! Bet the guy sitting on the EXTRAORDINARILY luxuriant armchair interviewing you was thinking ...Why didn't I meet her before?

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