Welcome to GIRLS! I’m a freelance writer and have written for publications including the Spectator, the New Statesman, The Independent, Quillette and UnHerd. My writing has also been acknowledged by The Guardian, The Atlantic and The New York Times. Here’s some examples of my work: What does Gen Z have against motherhood?; Adele and the strange glamorisation of divorce; Social media’s not just making girls depressed, it’s making us bitchy too.

I’ve also recently had the honour of joining Jonathan Haidt’s new movement to Free the Anxious Generation, which you can follow here.

For a summary of the type of issues I write about, you can watch me here on Modern Wisdom or here on TRIGGERnometry.

In this newsletter I write much more freely and personally, with a more intimate look into the lives of girls and young women today. In this age of atomisation, neoliberalism, sexual liberalism, technological dynamism and a deepening mental health crisis, GIRLS is a series of dispatches from a 24-year-old trying to make sense of it all.

As often as I can I’ll send out updates with whatever’s been on my mind lately or is going on in the lives of girls. Expect all kinds of topics, from critiques of contemporary feminism to scrutiny of the mental health industry to rants about the relentless commodification of our lives.

With a mix of personal stories, random thoughts and investigative journalism—as well as discussions with subscribers!—I hope GIRLS can be a unique space where readers of all generations can come together to figure out what’s really going on, what it’s like for girls and young women today, and why so many of us feel like we are falling apart.

If you enjoy my work, I would really appreciate your support through a paid subscription. It helps me out more than you know, and every contribution means I can keep writing about the topics I really care about. Thank you!

For speaking enquiries and commissions, you can contact me at freyaindiafreelance@gmail.com

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Girlhood in the Modern World


Freya India is a writer based in London, England.